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Automatic Determination of the Boiling Point: Dosatherm 300

Technical Description

Automatic Determination of the Boiling Point

A new measurement procedure allows to determine the boiling point of liquids automatically. The sensor is immerged into the liquid, the measurement is started with one key, and after 15 - 20 s the boiling point is being displayed. Only the push of one key is sufficient to determine the boiling point of liquids in the range of room temperature to 300°C The instrument analyzes the boiling curve and determines from it the boiling point.

New sensor technology

As result of a major research project the new sensor was developped. This sensor requires only approx. 10 ml of sample material, of which only a few ml are being used up. Special sample vials help to minimize carry over effects.
The sensor may be taken off the instrument in order to measure directly in the liquid.


Determination of the boiling point of mixtures of solvents

The innovative geomnetry of the sensor allows to determine the boiling point of mixtures. In case the boiling point and the ratio of solvents are in a relation this is a comfortable method to detemine the ratio of solvents.


Many applications, limitations

The boiling point helps e.g. to discriminate quickly solvents which are e.g. very close in their specific density.
In many cases already a small percentage of contaminating solvents may be detected.

DOSATHERM 300 cannot be used for the following liquids: conducting e.g. electrolytes, salt solutions etc., for liquids which dissociate when heated, and for liquids which generate a deposit when heated on the sensor (e.g. milk).


Little maintenance

The life-time of the sensor is limited and depends on the way of useage. The replacement takes currently approx. 1/2 hour.


Low cost

The instrument has been designed for economic use. The sample vials have a long life-time. The calibration can be done easily using the calibration fluids.