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Nephelometry: Dosascat

S p e c i f i c a t i o n s  

Principle of measurement:   The sample is illuminated from a halogen light source with a filter. The light which is scattered in an angle of 70° forward is measured.
A magnetic drive is directly underneath the sample compartment.

Ranges of concentration of protein (*):  
Total protein as low as approx. 20 mg/l
at 50 µl sample and 550 µl TCA: approx. 20-600 mg/l
Albumin, lowest value approx. 10 mg/l
IgA, lowest value approx. 0,2 mg/l
IgG, lowest value approx. 4 mg/l
IgM, lowest value approx. 0,2 mg/l
(*) The upper limit of the range is determined by the applied dilution. The ranges of Albumin, IgA, IgG , and IgM are for information and without responsibility, as they depend from the available and used reagents.
Wavelength of illumination 400-800 nm
Scattered light angle 70° forward
Sample compartment for cuvettes with a sample volume 500 - 1500 µl
Light source Halogen lamp
Detector semi conductor
Measurement range relative, 0 to 4095 scattered light units
Programme scattered light programm, protein programme
Powersupply 220 V ± 10%,  40 VA
Dimensions (LxWxH) 360 x 300 x 145 mm
Weight 9 kg