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Medium Preparation: DosaPrep® X8

S p e c i f i c a t i o n s



dispensable volume 150 – 5000 ml
useable volume of the tank 9000 ml
heating heating 20 ° over room temperature
accuracy of temperaturet +/- 2 °
inlet A (Medium) water or prepared medium, medium with a maximum of 1 % concentration of acid
filter for inlet A filtercapsule 20 µm
inlet B (Additive) additiv such as acid or buffer; acid concentration up to 36 % HCl
accuracy of dispensing better than +/- 5 g
mixer magnetic stirrer with nonwearing electronic drive
printer interface centronics
pc interface RS232
remote contro remote control with dispense outlet
weight and dimensions L x W x H: 61 x 30 x 65 cm, instrument with accessories 28 kg
power supply 230 V 2400 W, maximum 16 A,
other voltages upon request