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Medium Preparation: DosaPrep® X8

Only a few minutes are required for DosaPrep® X8 to prepare medium for a dissolution test. It mixes two components, heats the mixture and degasses it.
The prepared medium can be dispensed directly into the vessels.
All parameters may be selected in a wide range.

Micha Wolfson

Medium Preparation
For now 12 years we manufacture an instrument for the automatic medium preparation for dissolution testing: DosaPrep®X8, which is now established as an easy-to-use standard instrument. 

Two inlets for liquid allow the mixing of two components. The medium will be warmed up, degassed, and gravimetrically dispensed. An important advantage is the complete documentation.

Although the basic technical principle has been maintained many details were changed following the suggestions and requirements of our customers.  

Diagnosis of CSF (cerebrospinal fluid)
Initiated by Prof.Dr.Reiber we can offer the highly sensitive nephelometer Dosascat. Mainly used for the diagnosis of csf, blood and urine for the fast determination ot total protein. Using appropriate reagents it can be also used for specific proteins. Dosascat can be also used for other applications requiring a high sensitivity.   

Automatic Determination of the Boiling Point
Simple and easy to use: automatic determination of the boiling point with Dosatherm 300. Mainy used for organic solvents. Only one key for the quick determination!